TAKTYK URD-1 soft ver.3.0

TAKTYK URD-1 is static-dynamic metal detector (real „statistic” with static discrimination). The name URD-1 is an acronym for uxo & relic detector, and indeed the detector is intended mainly for professional applications such as demining, searching for relics on battlefields,

MT5900/6000 module ver.2.0

Microprocessor module MT-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series 5900/6000. Allows to receive 1 audio tone or 4 audio tones or multitone program(11-tones): Mode: 1T: – one audio tone 412Hz Mode: 3T: – 208Hz tone for VDI less than 5 –

MT5900/6000 module – assembly diagram for White’s XL PRO

The figure shows PCB White's XL PRO. A - Pin7 U25-TL064 DC_VDI B - Pin(-) C87-470nF -7.5V C - Pin(+) C90 GND D - Pin9 U9-HCF4053 AG cut the wire on PCB! E - Pin(+) C87-470nF +7.5V F - Pin11

My situla – Artur Troncik

And everything started as usual… The phone rings, there is another opportunity to help in archaeological research, a new adventure with treasure. This time the call is about the dig in Kujawy – a real treat for adventurers. Clearly, there

Modification of the MXT transmitter #2

Here we have the measurement of the old transmitter MXT PRO: Here we have the measurement of a modified transmitter MXT PRO: The transmitter current increased by 30 per cent – blue signal. Yellow signal (Vpp)  – TX Blue signal


The TAKTYK Metal Detectors company provides instant professional warranty and post-warranty service. As a Polish manufacturer, we have full access to all spare parts, electronic components, system software and upgrades. If you are looking for help, please contact us. Together

Modification of the MXT transmitter

Modification allows you to increase the depth of coin detection by two inches. The MXT transmitter has very good properties. However, in the new model MX sport produces a much larger magnetic field. Modification of the MXT transmitter allows to

DLCD-5900/6000 module for the White’s detectors series: 5900/6000

Microprocessor module DLCD-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series: 5900/6000. The module works with the module MT-5900/6000 (only version 2.0 software). This is new software with mode:static or motion discrimination functions. The module DLCD-5900/6000 allows display: – VDI(signagraph) and number VDI(range

Minelab Equinox i Multi-IQ – Simultaneous Multi-Frequency

In the latest marketing materials of the MineLab company, we must pay attention to the content: Simultaneous Multi-Frequency True intelligent Simultaneous Multi-Frequency for maximum performance, plus a wide range of single frequencies. So what, the previous definitions of BBS and

Termin „multifrequency” i detektory XP, Krauzer, Impact…

Od jakiegoś czasu tureccy producenci opisują lub nazywają swoje detektory multifrequency. Słowo to pojawia się nawet na panelach czołowych, mając na celu podnieść atrakcyjność swoich produktów. Termin ten już dawno przylgnął do detektorów metali pracujących na wielu częstotliwościach symultanicznie, czyli