Minelab Equinox i Multi-IQ – Simultaneous Multi-Frequency

In the latest marketing materials of the MineLab company, we must pay attention to the content:

Simultaneous Multi-Frequency

True intelligent Simultaneous Multi-Frequency for maximum performance, plus a wide range of single frequencies.

So what, the previous definitions of BBS and FBS solutions did not rely on the transmission and analysis of the signal simultaneously? No, they certainly were. I am very skeptical about the marketing slurry that various manufacturers offer us. In the case of MineLab, we have already dealt with the introduction of the term VFLEX with respect to Xterra detectors.

I allowed myself to look at the patents that the producer placed on the occasion of the premiere of the new detector model, patents referring directly to Equinox 600 and Equinox 800.

These are two US patents: US7432715, US7579839 and the Australian equivalent of the first AU2005276953.

The first one seems to be fundamental: Method and apparatus for metal detection employing digital signal processing. The patent belongs to Laurent Stamatescu and is from 2008, in 10 years, the protection of the invention will be over. What is the patent about? Presents a method and apparatus for a metal detector that uses digital signal processing, a solution used in most modern metal detectors. However, when reading in detail about a patent, one should pay attention to the transmission method of TX transmission signal. Well, the DDS (ang.direct) method is used here. To my knowledge, not used in other commercial solutions related to MD. However, what does it give? According to the author of the patent, for accurate and simple emission of signals by means of two DAC. What enables the emission of a single frequency signal, i.e. a sinusoidal signal and a rectangular multifrequency signal. So much theory. And what is in the claims. In patent claims, we have:

1. Digital metal detector that generates two sine signals in a square.
2. Digital metal detector that generates a rectangular signal.

However, as it exactly looks in the practical solution used in Equinox, it requires measurements of the transmitter system in the laboratory.

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