DLCD-5900/6000 module for the White’s detectors series: 5900/6000

Microprocessor module DLCD-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series: 5900/6000.

The module works with the module MT-5900/6000 (only version 2.0 software). This is new software with mode:static or motion discrimination functions.

The module DLCD-5900/6000 allows display:

– VDI(signagraph) and number VDI(range 0-100). Identical to the original indicator White’s.

– depth target – accuracy for coins

– battery consumption

– mode program: static or motion discrimination

– mode tone: normal, 4-tones, multiton(8-tones)

– icon backlight on

The kit includes :

Module DLCD-5900/6000 (PCB) + new module MT5900/6000(ver.2.0)

Wiring diagram for W5900/6000

Assembly and operating manual

Front panel


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