MT5900/6000 module ver.2.0

Microprocessor module MT-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series 5900/6000.

Allows to receive 1 audio tone or 4 audio tones or multitone program(11-tones):

Mode: 1T:

– one audio tone 412Hz

Mode: 3T:

– 208Hz tone for VDI less than 5 – IRON

– 412Hz tone for the range of VDI from 5 to 55 – GOLD

– 1228Hz tone for the range of VDI above 55 – SILVER

Mode: MT(multitone – 11 tones):

– 208Hz tone for VDI less than 5(IRON)

– 310Hz tone for VDI between 5-10

– 412Hz tone for VDI between 11-20

– 514Hz tone for VDI between 21-30

– 614Hz tone for VDI between 31-40

– 718Hz tone for VDI between 41-50

– 820Hz tone for VDI between 51-60

– 922Hz tone for VDI between 61-70

– 1024Hz tone for VDI between 71-80

– 1126Hz tone for VDI between 81-90

– 1284Hz tone for VDI between 91-100

It is possible to program the MT – 5900/6000 for the other , freely selectable ranges and tones, eg. programming of 8 or 10 tones for a full range of metal iron to silver – VDI scale (0 to 100).

The module operates in all operating modes of the detector MODE: GEB NORM , GEB DISC , TR DISC , GEB SAT.

The GEB NORM mode detector operates at MIX MODE – tone of static channel is mixed with tones of channel identification.

When you press the switch TRIGGER depth measurement will be carried out also with the use of tones – from low to high tone.

TONE switch allows you to enable identification tone – 1 tone(factory ton detector is 412Hz), 3 tones or multitone program.

ST/MT switch allows you to enable static or motion identification tone. For motion identification tone threshold has a steady tone.

The table below shows the various programs and the corresponding audio functions.


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