TAKTYK URD-1 soft ver.3.0

TAKTYK URD-1 is static-dynamic metal detector (real „statistic” with static discrimination). The name URD-1 is an acronym for uxo & relic detector, and indeed the detector is intended mainly for professional applications such as demining, searching for relics on battlefields, deposits and due to the static mode of manual ground correction, meteorite search, etc.

URD-1 is designed with high quality materials and has a number of utility functions. The detector is fully digital and uses digital DSP signal processing and has the ability to exchange software by the user, without having to send the detector to the site. This is a valuable opportunity because the detector software is developmental.

The URD-1 detector has a modern power supply and can be additionally supplied from external power banks. The internal battery can be charged using: an external charger, a car charger, a computer USB port and an external power bank.

Very durable materials were used in the design of the device. Shaft is made  of carbon fiber and aluminum. Coil and charging / USB sockets have IP67 protection, casing is IP65 – it is dust tight and provides protection against rain.

Technical specification:

  • Frequency 14kHz
  • Two Ground filters – 5Hz, 7Hz, 10Hz
  • Mode: Static,  Pseudostatic,  Motion
  • Telescopic shaft  ALU + carbon
  • Graphic LCD (only for menu and diagnostics)
  • Microprocessors control
  • DSP algorithms  – digital signal processing
  • 22 –bits resolution, sensitivity ~1uV, SNR 110dB
  • Tone ID: 200Hz for IRON, 400Hz for middle conductor, 800 for high conductor
  • Tone threshold 400Hz
  • Overload 80Hz
  • Standard coil DD 13”
  • Audio option: ton modulation, VCO, audio boost, tone ID, non-FE
  • Ground corrections – simple application(subroutine)
  • Gain RX adjustments – 4 step
  • Threshold adjustments
  • Noise filter – delay frequency
  • Hot rocks correction
  • Diagnostics module in option MENU
  • Backlight LCD – 3 step
  • Volume adjustments
  • Restoring factory settings
  • Warranty 24-month

We are willing to cooperate. We are looking for a local distributor in your country.

If you are interested, please contact us: taktyk@taktykpulse.com.pl


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