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TAKTYK URD-1 soft ver.3.0

TAKTYK URD-1 is static-dynamic metal detector (real „statistic” with static discrimination). The name URD-1 is an acronym for uxo & relic detector, and indeed the detector is intended mainly for professional applications such as demining, searching for relics on battlefields,

My situla – Artur Troncik

And everything started as usual… The phone rings, there is another opportunity to help in archaeological research, a new adventure with treasure. This time the call is about the dig in Kujawy – a real treat for adventurers. Clearly, there

DLCD-5900/6000 module for the White’s detectors series: 5900/6000

Microprocessor module DLCD-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series: 5900/6000. The module works with the module MT-5900/6000 (only version 2.0 software). This is new software with mode:static or motion discrimination functions. The module DLCD-5900/6000 allows display: – VDI(signagraph) and number VDI(range

Minelab Equinox i Multi-IQ – Simultaneous Multi-Frequency

In the latest marketing materials of the MineLab company, we must pay attention to the content: Simultaneous Multi-Frequency True intelligent Simultaneous Multi-Frequency for maximum performance, plus a wide range of single frequencies. So what, the previous definitions of BBS and

Microprocessor module MT-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series 5900/6000.

MT-5900/6000 Data brief EN © 2016 TAKTYK DETEKTORY METALI – All rights reserved Microprocessor module MT-5900/6000 for the White’s detectors series 5900/6000. Allows to receive 4 audio tones: – 208Hz tone for iron (IRON) – 412Hz tone for the